Career Booster Plus

Who is this targeted towards?

Early career working professionals looking to change jobs or industries or roles (1-4 years of work ex)

Mid-career professionals looking to grow into leadership roles (5-9 years of work ex)

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Personal mentor

As a professional, you deserve support from a highly experienced mentor once you look forward to grow in corporate career. Gyan Circle's intelligent process basis data matches you to suitable mentors basis your unique profile and expectations!

 Why do you need a personal mentor?  What do you get? 

The primary reason for failure in professional life is not the lack of skills or resources, but the lack of a good mentor!  

Discover the corporate world to obtain in-depth insights about sectors and roles from insiders. Professional mentors guide you with the right information basis their personal experiences  

  • One to one telephonic/ video sessions with mentors matched with you
  • Clear objectives-based discussions basis your profile and aspirations
  • Understand industry, sector and roles under consideration as applicable
  • Receive answers to queries and sharing of experiences enabling you to make informed career decisions

Profile booster                                           

Armed with information via professional mentors? Good job! As they say well begun is half done! Now present your best self with our profile builder that includes your CV & LinkedIn profile review by our in-house expert team 

Why do you need profile building?  What do you get? 

Before an employer will take his or her valuable time to interview you, they need to be interested in your profile. 

According to studies, on average an employer or recruiter takes only 8-10 seconds to screen your CV and covering letter and taking a call whether your profile merits a further look in! 

That is why it is imperative to have a superior CV, one that effectively catches the attention of the reader.

  • Profile evaluation call with in-house expert to review CV and understand your profile & aspirations
  • Detailed written insights in 48 hrs on structure and flow
  • Personalized feedback incorporated basis internal review with industry experts

Interview ace 

Have a good profile but are unable to crack interviews? Practice with our dedicated industry experts who understand the other side and ace your real interviews and land your dream job

Why do you need interview ace? What do you get? 

The importance of positioning yourself in front of the interviewer involves thorough practice to perfect. Having the right skills and profile required gets you into the room but not the job!

It is imperative to understand the other side and receive objective feedback that can help you perform better on D-Day.

  • One to one telephonic/ video mock interviews of upto 30 mins with an industry expert
  • Actionable feedback post conclusion of session
  • Guidance/ tips with respect to profile improvement
  • Receive answers to your doubts enabling you to articulate yourself better
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